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What Combat Weaponry Are You?
What military weapon does your fighting persona most closely resemble.
personality test

1What weight class do you think you would belong to in a fight?
Super Heavy weight
Heavy weight
Middle weight
Light weight
2What best describes your appearance?
An over-grown beast
3If a fight were about to break out involving you...
Anything and Everything is getting taken down.
I`d hit them before they hit me.
Play it off, but readily await his first move.
Approach the other guy apologizing then when close enough, throw him a hay-maker.
Leave and wait for him outside.
4Your hits connect and your blocks intercept...
All the time.
The majority of the time.
Half the time.
I just hope for the best.
5If your friend was caught in the middle of a fight he could count on you to help him...
Regardless of how or why it happened.
He probrably deserves it I`ll let them get a couple more hits in.
Only if he is going to be hosipitalized.
He got himself in he can get himself out.
6How close or far would you keep your oppenent in a fight?
As close as possible.
Close, but enough to evade.
I need space to tire him out.
Out of his range.
7When the smoke clears you most often emerge...
Standing tall
Victorious but with a little to show for it.
On the ground but the room stopped spinning.
Several hours later in the E.R.

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