Before you even start this quiz . I have to tell you im not the best speller! Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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What Grey`s Anatomy Intern are you?
Before you even start this quiz . I have to tell you im not the best speller!
personality test

1How open are you to your friends?
I love my friends i would do anything for them!
I got a few friends but im only really close wit one!
I can sometime be seen to other people as to be in a relation ship with them!
I am in a relationship with them!
There my friends im closer than other people but still not that close!
2How inportan is your job/school to you?
It is the best thing in my life. I will become rich and known!
Its something you have to do right.
Hate it!!!!!
If you have good friends with you it is awsome!
3What were/are you like as a teenager?
I hated them when i was one!!
I was kinda a prep/jock. Every one know me!
People called me quir or gay when I was not! :(
I had pink hair! I was styling the whole rebeal thing!
4When you meet some one you like how long does it last?
Long time if they can get to know me
They where short but know iI can tll Im in love <3
I like one night stands
5Where you abused or neglected as a child>
yeah kindanot the way you would think but yeah
My family was nothing like me but they did care for me
I my opionin I was they forsed me to do things i hated!
Happy Happy joy joy
6Could you be a model!
Yeah i am
Maybe I So Brought Sexi Back
No Im Not that found of how i look
who knows
7Do you watch greys anatomy? (will not effect your result)

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