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Do you have the beat?
This quiz will tell you if you have "The Beat"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
personality test

1How would you describe yourself???
Quiet, Wierd, Sensitive.....
Strong, Independant, Natural
Ummmmm, I dont know........
2You are underage. I guy comes up and asks you if he can buy you a drink. How do you react???
Hell Ya!!!! (as long as he`s cute)
Maybe. I would have to figure it out first!
Ummmm, I think that I would but only for one drink, then I would call 4 a cab!!!
3Your bf has just proposed to you at a party, in front of everyone!!! What is your reaction???
Gently tell him this is not the time and ask if you can talk about it in private!
Say "I can`t....." and then run out of the party crying....
Say "I don`t know. I`ll think about it!"
4Your cute drum instructor just comes out and kisses you. What is your reaction this time???
"You are totally out of line mister!!!" **Walks out of room proudly!
Kiss him back!!!! Hello, he`s cute!
Cut him off and then say yuo should be going....

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