If you got warped into the Star Wars universe, what alien humanoid race would you look or act most like? Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Which Star Wars alien humanoid race are you most like?
If you got warped into the Star Wars universe, what alien humanoid race would you look or act most like?
personality test

1Where are you from?
A sort of wet planet
An invaded planet
Its is unknown.....
A planet with lots of vegetation
A very hot planet
2What physical flaws do you have?
I am very slimy
I have no legs
I have mutilations from battle
I am covered in hair
I have two tentacles.....on my head.
3What kind of language do you speak?
Sort of like bubbly English
Depends on who I am with
The language of my gods
Various animal noises
Plain old basic.
4What special skills do you have?
I make good bargains
I control the black market
I have many
I fight good
5What would you do if i poked you?
Ask you to stop
Groan or order my henchmen to attack you
Stab you and then poison you and then hang you and then sacrifice you in the name of my gods
Rip your arms off!
Ask you to justify your actions.
6Who is your favorite Star Wars character?
The very sweaty green one from the begining of Episode 1!
Jabva da Huga! (Jabba the Hutt)
Dunno, but he loves destruction and sacrifice!!!!!!
Chewbacca! Weeerooreelooor!
One of those hot Twilek dancers!
7Is this good for my first quiz and would you like to see more like this?
I`ll buy it from you!
It was good for a short laugh. Now it is worthless
No! You should burn in hell for this abomination!!!!
It was good enough so that i didn`t have to hurt you.
It was great. I knew it was gonna be great!

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