My friend sis this same quiz but she didn't do it well. Just kidding! She did it just fine! I was just bored. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Which TMNT character are you?
My friend sis this same quiz but she didn't do it well. Just kidding! She did it just fine! I was just bored.
personality test

1Okay, so your mom says you can't go out tonight because you're grounded. What do you do?
Sneak out!
I beg and give her the puppy eyes.
I sigh and work on my homework. Oh, well. I can go out another night.
I obey her, duh!
2Someone pushes you in the hall way. What do you do?
I stand up to them and fight if I have to.
I just give them a dirty look and tell them to relax.
Pull a prank on them the next day. That'll teach them.
Push them back, duh!
3Your brother/sister breaks your brand new video game that you worked so hard for. How do you deal?
I'm mad but sence it was an accident I let it go.
I cry!
I tell them to help me pay for another and I wont tell mom or dad.
I chase them around the house.
4Which would you rather do?
Hang out with my friends.
Help my parents around the house.
Work out or go outside.
5A girl/boy kisses you. You have a huge crush on them. What do you do?
I kiss them back....
I blush and giggle/chuckle.
FULL OUT MAKE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I smile and kiss them back.
6Do you get good grades?
Just good enough to get by.
Yeah, but I'm not a genius.
Yeah, I'm on the honer roll.
Straight A's!
7A friend that you don't like as a boyfriend/girlfreind kisses you. What do you do?
I push them away.
I tell them that I think of them as a bro/sis.
I kiss them back, I don't want to hurt their feelings.
I make gagging sounds.
8What are you out of these?
A know it all.
Push over.
Harsh on others.
9Which of these are you?
Gentle with others.
Fun to be around.
I'm cool.

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