have you ever wondered what kind of guy you would end up dating? Here's your chance! You may be suprised by the results!
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What type of boy would you date?
have you ever wondered what kind of guy you would end up dating? Here's your chance! You may be suprised by the results!
personality test

1What do you look for in a guy?
Someone fun and fresh!
Someone classy and polite!
Someone exciting and fiery!
Someone active and laid back!
Someone funny and cute!
Someone intersting and cool!
2How do you want him to look?
He has to have a good sence of style and be very hot!
He has to be clean cut and have a nice smile!
He has to have an interesting style and have a awsome head of hair!
He has to be fit and very hot!
He has to be cute and have pretty eyes.
He has to wear dark clothes and makeup.
3How do you want him to ask you out?
I want him to flirt with me and then ask me out.
Shyly, but face to face.
face to face!
After a football game.
I want him to be polite and be my friend first.
I want him to stare at me a lot then tell me he is in love with me.
4What's the first thing you notice about a guy?
His body!
If he's smart.
If he's fun or rides a motorcycle!
if he hangs out with a lot of people or if he's popualr.
If he pulls pranks on out teacher!
If he's quiet.
5How do you flirt with a guy?
I tell him hes hot.
I talk to him about school.
I talk to him about cars and motorcycles.
I beat him at doge ball in gym.
I make him laugh and I laugh at his jokes.
I talk to him about the new haunted house or a movie we both saw.
6How do you want him to kiss you?
I want him to kiss me all the time! And tell his friends how hot I am!
Just a peck on the cheek and a hug.
I want him to hold my hand and give me a long passionite kiss.
i want him to make out with me and NOT tell his friends about it.
I just want a sweet kiss goodnight.
A kiss on the neck or forehead.
7What kind of flowers do you want him to give you?
A bunch of roses.
A ton of flowers and chocolates with love notes!
A bouque of flowers that are very rare.
A single white rose.
A daisy that squirts water in my face!
A black rose.
8What kind of gift do you want him to ive you?
Make up!
A book!
A neckalce!
A autographed baseball of your favorite team!
A funny t shirt!
A sketch pad!
9What would you do for a date?
Go to the movies!
An art show!
A ride on his motorcycle!
Shooting hoops!
Getting some ice cream!
Going for a walk!
10Sadly, it's time for you two to break up, if he's the dumper, how would you want him to do it?
A text masage.
A face to face talk.
I want him to tell me I'm cool but it isn't going to work out.
I want him to do it in private.
I want him to still be my friend.
I want him to be honest why he's dumping me, even if it hurts.

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