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Which Harry Potter Professor are you?
Which Professor from Harry Potter are you most like? Take this quiz to find out!
personality test

1If someone told you that you were fat, what would you say?
I wouldn't say anything
I would beat them until they bled!
I would say something nasty back
I would try to ignore them
2If you went to a store and saw something you really wanted, but it was double the price, what would you do about it?
I wouldn't buy it
I would scratch the price sticker off and try to get it half-price
I would call the sales clerk mean names until she let me have it free
I would try to bargain with the sales clerk
3What would you do if your friend stopped hanging out with you because her new boyfriend/girlfriend was hogging all her attention?
Give her the cold shoulder
Call her nasty names
End the friendship wisely
Tell her what she's doing, maybe she doesn't realize
4Why are you taking this quiz?
Because I want to make fun of the creator
Because I'm bored
These are so fun!
I have no idea?!

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