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Which Whitest kids member are you?
Whitest kids you know is a show that consist of short skits or parodies
personality test

1If your friend trips and falls on his face in the middle of public. What do you do?
walk away real fast laughing
Laugh then help him up
Bust out a Hellow Kitty band-aid and bandage him up while laughing.
Make him look stupid by drawing everyones attention to him
Stare at him with a blank looking face
2You're sitting at your desk in school and the teacher says one your classmates moms have just died how do you react.
"Huh(after sleeping)...oh my moms already dead.
stare off into space
"was it zach's mom?!"
"the answer is Timmy's mom" says the teacher
act scarred
3You find a dollar on the ground and you pick it up what are you going to do with it.
give it to a dirty hobo in need of change
go to Mcdonalds
Put it in your wallet
say holy shit it is my lucky day
Stare at it with a happy face then pounce on it
4This time you find a dollar on the ground but you look at it closely and it has a string on it. What do you do?
"Thats genius I think i will make a skit of this later
Go after it anyway then when you find the prankster say you got me now give me the dollar
"Who would do such a thing, then walk away
Find the guy and curse at him(your having a bad day)
Chase the guy down then beat him up and take his wallet
5Which is your favorite skit?
Dinosaur rap/hitler rap/get a new daddy song
mama johns pizza bagels/grape you
Classroom skit
Abe lincoln
Timmy poop/aliens/slap game
6Who is your favorite member?
none/never seen this show

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