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Which South park character are you?
Are you Stan,Kyle,Kenny or Cartman?Find out!
personality test

1What do you do in your spare time? (Out of these)
Play sports and hang out with my friends
Play with my friends, prove Cartman wrong, finger-paint(most recently)
Eat, watch tv, prove Kyle wrong, exterminate Jews, Jump homeless people (most recently)
Hang out with my friends, die, read porn magazines
Read, do homework,hang out with my boyfriend, send subsitute teachers to the sun
Play with my toys, sing, play with the "fellas" try not to get grounded!
2What would you rather watch on tv? (Out of these)
Cartoons, or maybe some sports
Sports, sometimes cartoons, Jesus and pals
I don`t own a TV
Cartoons, Comercials for "Beefcake"Jesus and pals, Chinpokemon
The news, Jesus and pals, occasionally cartoons
Cartoons, Jesus and pals, I don`t really watch that much tv or I`ll get grounded
3How would you react if your class was doing a debate? (Out of these)
Do most of the work and try my hardest to find out all the information so our team can win
Try to be nice to both teams because my girlfriend is on the other team
I don`t really care.... I`m gonna go eat antacid pills and blow up
Try and get the other team leaders weaknesses while I work as a leader with one of my enemies
Be the absolute best leader I can be while working with my enemy, who I mistakenly fall in love with
I`m not a big part of this episode, but I work very hard so I don`t get grounded!

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