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What`s your secret?
What nasty habit do you have?
personality test

1You`re drawing the blinds and can`t help but notice that your sexy neighbor has forgotten to draw theirs. . .
You watch naturally and give a little wave.
You duck down, but peek around the curtains.
You draw your blinds and make a mental note to let them know they should be more careful.
You take a picture.
You point and laugh until they notice you watching.
2You haul your laundry five blocks to the laundry mat and then realize you`ve forgotten soap. . .
You run the five blocks home.
You wash them in hot water without soap.
You don`t want to leave your laundry unattended so you carry it all back and decide once you`re home that it isn`t worth it.
You steal an old woman`s detergent when she isn`t looking.
You ask a stranger to borrow some.
3Going on a picnic?
Fried chicken, potato salad.
Cheetos, Cola and peanut butter.
Fast food.
Ham sandwiches, juice.
Bananas, jello, and pudding.
4You`ve been asked to throw a birthday party for a friend. . .
Hell no.
Balloons and punch.
Silly hats and shots.
Keg, keg, keg.
Hire a professional.

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