Just a personality test that will tell you what type of metal band you are based on how you answer these questions. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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What genre of Metal are you?
Just a personality test that will tell you what type of metal band you are based on how you answer these questions.
personality test

1How important are your friends to you, or do you prefer being alone and independant?
I NEED my friends!
I have a few friends.
I am a loner by nature.
$#%@ people...they suck!!!
2Are you a male or female?
3Do you have strong opinions?
Very strong opinions, and I stand up for them no matter what!!!
I have opinions but I keep them to myself unless asked.
I don`t like telling people what I think.
4Of this list, what are you favorite colors?
Red or Orange
Blue or Purple
5Favorite pet to have?
6How would you describe your appearance?
I like to wear clothes that are cool and trendy.
I like to wear clothes that are comfortable
I like to dress according to the style that me and my friends represent.
I`m a freak and I dress in goofy stuff.
I like to dress amiguously (meaning you`re a guy who dresses like your girlfriend).
7How old are you
as old as 17
8How do you take criticism?
I try to pay attention and do better next time.
I understand where they are coming from but wish they`d leave me alone.
Nobody has the right to tell me to do anything!!!
9If you are about to get into a fight, what do you do?
I throw the first punch.
I wait for the first blow so that I`m technically defending myself, and then I kick the punk`s ass!
I act tough to try and intimidate my way out of the fight, and fight if I have to.
I run to avoid the confrontation.
10When faced with a difficult task, what do you do?
I do it, and I do it better than anyone else could so that I look good doing it.
I do it right the first time, or I keep doing it until I`m satisfied.
I look for the easy way out, but I do get it done.
I stall and hope for an exit route.
11When you have people watching you, what do you do?
Show off.
Pose, or act cool!
Get away from their prying eyes.
12If it ain`t broke...
Don`t fix it!!!
Break it!!!
Make it better!!!
13What kind of car do you want to own?
Whatever I can afford.
Luxury car
14Controlled Substances?
I love taking in as many drugs as I can.
I drink and/or smoke socially.
I have a habit and I want to quit.
I don`t smoke, snort, inhale, shoot up, absorb, sniff, or drink anything!
15What`s most important of the things on this list?
Entertainment and stimulation
16How do you consider your sexuality (gay, straight, bi all aside)?
I love sex and I love taking part in it as much as possible.
I believe in making love in a sensual and erotic manner with someone you love and trust.
I believe that sex is fun, but only when I have the time or am even in the mood for it.
Sex is gross, and I`m definitely saving myself.
It`d be nice if I could actually GET laid...

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