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Who are you...and what are you doing in the world of Dragonlance?
If you were a dragonlance character, you would be...
personality test

1Are you male or female?
2When trouble hits, what do you think?
I suppose I will handle this, I`m probably the only one who can.
Duty calls!
Trouble? That is ALWAYS fun.
If I find who started this they will wish they had never been born.
Look what I did?! HA HA HA!
3What race are you?
I`m an outcast.
I am above the races. You don`t need to classify me!
4You are known for what?
Always stepping in, giving advice, handling difficult situations.
Try to help out when you can, and maybe some dry wit thrown in.
Whether you cause problems, solve them, or happen to be walking by, you always seem to be where everything happens.
Selfishness. You want what YOU want. No one stands in your way (and you usually get it!)
Is this gong to take long? Im BORED!
5How do you want to die?
Peacefully, with my friends and family around me.
I don`t really ever want to die.
Doing my duty. In battle.
Who says I`m going to die?
Is this your watch? Sorry it fell into my pocket!
6Your profession is?
My trade is my own business
7People say, one of your worst qualities is?
Arrogance...I call it confidence
Lack of Patience
Faith in People, I get taken advantage of.
Biting Sarcasm
Too quick to judge
8What is your lifes pursuit?
Power above all things.
Travel, knowledge to be the best at what I do.
To be able to do all that I want without others holding me back.
I don`t know, as long as I`m happy.
To live a long life, do my duty well.
9How do you charm people?
Not sure if I do.
With my words.
With my beauty.
An easier question is how DON`T I charm people.
People do what I tell them, I don`t HAVE to charm them.

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