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The Ya-Ya Quiz
What Ya-Ya would you be?
personality test

1If it was so hot that you were choking on your own breath, what would you do?
Get in a car and let the wind blow in you hair.
Drive at top speed down a country road with the top down.
Strip down to your bra and let yourself chill.
Go topless and feel the wind on your face.
2How many kids do you want?
As many as I can afford!
Two tops!
Three or so.
3If your friend was in trouble, but so were their kids, what do you do?
Go to the friend first.
Stay with the friend.
Go to the kids first.
Stay with the kids.
4Are you known to stew on a problem?
If the problem is big enough yes.
If it involves me yes.
Not really.
5if your tue love left you, what would you do?
Settle fpr the next guy I stopped caring.
Find another one, I'm rescourceful.
Who cares, I don't need 'em.
They're too scared to leave because my friends would kill him/her.
6If one of your best-friends died, what would you do?
Go on living, I have kids to support.
Slip into depression.
Do something funny to cheer my other friends up.
7What would you do if your car broke down?
Get a ride with a cute guy.
Spit on it, it deserves it!
Entertain passing drivers by doing cartwheels.
Ask somebody for gas and pay them for it.
8If you were in trouble, how would you ask for help?
I'd flat out ask.
I wouldn't ask I would just get it.
I'd just sit there and suffer for an hour or so before using pity to get my way.
I wouldn't ask I'd tell people and they'd do it.
9If you were alone and the power went off (at night) what would you do?
Get in my car and go to a friend's house.
Make it into an adventure.
Go out and look at the stars.
Go dance under a street light.
10What Ya-Ya do you want to be?

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