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Will you Suvive a Zombie attack?
Will you live, or die?
trivia quiz

1You see on the news that a zombie attack will happen in 3 hours so you....
Go to the nearest gun store, and gather up all of you friends
You stay in the corner of the room, sucking your thumb
You try to leave town, in traffic
Enjoy your last moments.....Rock Band TIME!
Hide in the closet.
2Zombies are all out on the street, what do you do?
Wait for them to come in your house, then BANG! Headshot!
You and your friends go on the roof top, and snipe them off
You wait for them to come inside, and eat you alive
You go out into to the street...guns blazing
You run outside with hands up saying "I surrender!"
3You decide there is too many, so you...
Throw grenades down the street.
Send your friends to distract them....while you escape.
Decide to go in the backyard, and come up with a strategy
Jump off the roof and fight.
Jump off the roof...face first.
4Your best friend in the world gets infected...what do you do?
Try to find a cure.
Put him out of his misery.
Look for a zombie doctor.
Leave him at the end of the street to pick off the zombies while you and your friends escape.
Leave him the way he is...you will be fine!
5You find four people that have been bitten; a doctor, a scientist, a gun expert, and a zombie expert. You have one cure, so you...
Cure the doctor.
Cure the Scientist.
Cure the gun expert.
Cure the zombie expert.
Kill them all, save it for yourself.
6 You see a gas station at the end of the street,with food but the area is surrounded by zombies, so you....
Run through the crowd of zombies.
Shoot them all!
Let your friends distract them, while you get the gas and food.
Shoot the gas tanks next to the gas station
7You see the military fighting hordes of zombies, so you....
Help them fight off the Zombies
Leave them
Distract the zombies while you help the soldiers escape
Jack there car
Jack there car, and ram it through all the hordes of zombies

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