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What Skateboard setup is right for you?
find out the best setup you could get based on your skating style
personality test

1How often do you Skate?
Every day, for like, 5 hours.
Every day, but only for about an hour
Every other day
About once a week
2How serious are you about skateboarding?
Completely. I skate hard and often
Pretty serious. Im hoping to go pro some day.
Kinda serious, i skate quite a bit
In between. I only skate sometimes
Not really at all. I only skate because its cool. (answer HERE if it really is your TRUE answer)
3What style do you preferre?
Intense and aggressive. Going huge is awesome.
Pretty laid back, but its still gotta be big.
I like a good mix of some laid back and super aggressive.
Pretty aggressive, but not real big.
Chilled out, and pretty small.
4What kind of Terrain do you like?
I like giant sets of stairs and long, tall rails. I dont care if it looks sketchy.
I like big sets of stairs and real nice rails. Sketchy isnt too much of a prooblem.
I like smaller stairs and smaller rails. Mix it up with some ledges.
I love bowls. Carving and grinding, maybe some air here and there.
Ramps are defenitely the best, hands down.
Lots of ledges and tables. Maybe throw in some banks.
5Where do you usually buy your gear?
My local skateshop.
Walmart or olympia sports. somewhere like that.
From a catalogue.
6Out of these professional skateboarders, who do you like most?
Andrew Reynolds
Eric Koston
Geoff Rowley
Chris Cole
Bryan Herman
Ryan Sheckler
Tony Hawk
Rune Glifberg
Lucas Puig

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