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Where are you on communication scale?
Kind of. Find out what animal on there suits you in what situation.
personality test

1What do you do on the last day of school?
Sit and pretend I'm reading a book while listening other conversations.
Propose new ideas on the current topic
Listen and occasionaly give my opinion
Sit with my friend in the corner and talk
Sit with my friend in the corner and talk about others
2You tripped a geek while running in the hall..
Who cares, I'll just keep on running
I'll mumble "Sorry" and hurry before anyone notices it
Repeat sorrysorrysorry until the kid runs away, and than stalk him & help him with anything he needs
Give him my pen.. and later ask him for a favor
Help him, make sure he's ok and then go to class
Laugh at him and help him get up just so I can trip him over again
Get everyone in the hall to laugh at him
Tell him to stay away from me
3You're having a test but you don't know anything. Kid next to you is finished but refuses to help you. You:
Would never ask for help! You're a coward
Told your teacher you're not ready at the begging of the class. You don't want to cheat
Are sad. You helped that kid so many times and now he refuses to help you
Tell him you'll grant him one wish if he helpes you.. and you help him later
Tell him you'll grant him one wish if he helpes you.. and you don't help him later, DUHH
Steal his jacket after class!
4You see a poor woman with a chield on the street. What do you do?
I feel sorry for them, but I don't dare to aproach them
I give them all my savings.. they need them more than me!
Tell them you'll give them money if they do something for you (MWAHAHAHA)
Who cares, world has bigger problems
I hate poor people, they are filthy and they make our streets dirty
I don't pay attencion on her until she asks me for some money.. I can't say no if she asks me!
5Which one of these could be your favourite subject?
PE - I get to kick someone's but!
Reading-I like reading about other peoples lifes.. they are more interesting than mine.. happier too
Biology - I want to be a doctor and save lifes
Political classes.. or Law (MWAHAHAHAHA)
Math.. it has nothing to do with people..
Other (choose only if all of the above are completly unrelated!)
6What do you think of the quiz?
It sucks and it's probobly wrong! You're stupid for asking this question!!!
Just show me the results
Everything that takes time and effort is good
Depends on the result XP
It's nice

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