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Girls: Would you make a good mother?
Would you make a good mother?
personality test

1Your baby's having heart problems.
I'd give my heart to him for him to live. I would die for my baby.
I Would Give my heart to him 1/100th of a bit hesitantly.
I would pay for him to get an artificial heart or another dead person's heart.
I would *sigh* give the little guy my heart.
Theres nothing you can do. I can always have more children.
2He pees on your bed.
Aww. That's alright. I'll get some towels and clean it all up.
Aww. That's alright. *Waits a minute and then cleans it up.*
Eww....well, it's only natural.
Eww!! Gross! Pee!
3He throws the T.V. Remote in the BathTub.
Ooh. Is he hurt?
Are you alright?
Ooh. That's gonna cost a couple of hundreds. You Okay, little buddy?
My Remote! My baby! My Remote!
C'Mon! You ruin EVERYTHING!
4He gets Electrocuted.
OH GOD! *picks up phone and calls 9-1-1. Holds baby and says it's ok.*
Oh my gosh! *Calls the hospital, and strokes his hair.*
Oh My gosh!! *Calls an ambulance.*
Oh my gosh! *Splashes water on his face*
Oh. Wow. What a wimp.
5He gets you fired.
Man. Well, i can always stay with you!
Hmm..I can always find another job.
Man! I mean i forgive him, but that was a good job!
Man! Darn It! What are we gonna do now?
What the Heck was THAT?
6He's two months old and can talk. He gets on the phone and orders pizza. You're flat broke.
I Laugh to myself. I Give him the money out of my last couple dollars, then take the pizza.
Hmm..Here you go. Take the money. * Talks to baby in baby voice.* What was that? What was that?
Hmm. Man. Takes the pizza, gives him the $ and sit the baby in his pen for a time out. 10 mins tops.
Aw MAN! Takes the pizza, gives the money then sits the baby in a 20 minute time out.
Take the pizza, hop in the car with the baby and the pizza, and drive off to play M r8d video games.
7You play with baby dolls.

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