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What end of the happy spectrum are you?
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personality test

1If your friend asks you to go do something dangerous you...
pose another activity, maybe a trip to the mall or the movies.
Tell it to their face that you think it sounds dumb and they should grow up.
Jokingly mock the idea and walk away.
Go along with it, you're only young once!
2Your mom is making you go to a party with her book club friends. They are all 70 or older, you...
tell her that you are doing something as a fundraiser that day, but go see a movie instead.
Laugh, and dismiss the idea.
Go, but hate every minute of it.
Go, old people have good stories to tell.
3Your crush just asked you out to go to a movie, what time would be ideal for them to ask?
Summer, we could walk to the movies!
Spring or fall, the time when it is chilled but not frozen, so when you come out it's comfortable.
Winter, that way we could ski, or stay inside warpth is over-rated.
Any time, I love movies. Besides, your are inside at the movies anyway!
4If the power went out you would...
invite your date over and sit out on your porch, sipping sodas.
grab a flashlight and make funny faces at yourself in a mirror.
light some candles and stare at the ceiling until you can watch tv again.
go out on the porch and star-gaze.
5You recently discovered that cheese makes you very itchy and also causes your nose to grow legs and crawl all over your face. What will you miss the most about cheese?
Spray-cheese. It was so salty and good...
I would eat cheese once just to see my nose crawl around. Then I would miss nothing it was worth it.
I would miss pizza, breakfast of champions.
I would miss everything!

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