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Which Sopranos Mobster are you?
Which gangster for the popular Sopranos series is most like you?
personality test

1What kind of temper do you have?
Bad, sometimes people think I`m loco.
I rarely lose control.
I can snap when I`m feeling disrespected.
I`m competitive and get pissed when I`m upstaged.
Some say I`m a bulldog, but I have a soft side.
2Tell me about your love live?
I have a good spouse, but we have problems.
I`m dating a hottie!
I have "friends" I can call when I need someone.
I have a hot spouse!
I don`t date much.
3What`s your age range?
I`m a young buck!
I`m not too young, not too old.
I`m getting up there!
4What`s your style?
I always look put together.
I`m all about being well groomed.
I clean up well.
I`m all about the designer suits baby!
Comfortable, but nice.
5Which of the following is the most natural postion for you?
The person in charge
The person behind the scenes
The person climbing to the top
Second in command
A contributing member
6What is your relationship like with your parents?
I don`t have much of a relationship with them.
Lots of fighting
They are no longer living.
Just a normal relationship I guess,
Guilt trips, but I love them.

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