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Are you light side or dark side
Wicth one are you
personality test

1You see a mother and her baby getting attacked by bandits. What do you do?
Igore them both.
Laugh at them.
Help the bandits.
Help the mother and baby.
Kill them all.
2You see a wounded jawa. What do you do?
Bash it to death while laughing.
Take it to MedBay.
Ignore it.
Start tap dancing.
Tell everyone.
3You see an innocent man in a cage with three sith torturing him. What do you do?
Ignore them.
Help the sith torture him.
Kill the sith.
Kill the man.
Kill them all.
4You see an enemy soldier, he is wounded. What do you do?
Kill him.
Ignore him.
Heal him.
Take him as a Prisoner of War.
Interrogate him.
5You see a crashing orphanage filled with children. What do you?
Start throwinng grenades at the building.
Smash in and save them all.
Just watch.
Call emergency services.
Start laughing like a maniac.

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