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What car type are you?
Another unstable quiz from the mind of M3NACE!
personality test

1You are asked to personalise your car a bit. What do you do?
Go extreme and cover the car with a body kit, paint ect.
Give it some rust proof paint
Repair it
Add performance parts to the engine
Do nothing
2You are doing 40 m.p.h down the Motorway/Highway. Do you go faster?
Go faster! Go faster! WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
Stay at this speed.Would`nt want to hurt the engine
Got a meeting to go to. Steponit!!
Acctually, i`m quite confortable at the speed we are going.
3You are being chased down the Motorway/Highway by the police. What do you do?
Give them a good chase!
Wait until your engine blows up
Can`t stop! gota meeting to go to!
I`m to comfortable to care
Let em` try as they can`t catch me!
4You park you car and go shopping.When you come back you find the left side of your car scratched and a person running away.What do you do?
Hunt them down and forcefully make them pay for the paintwork.
Let them get away with it
To busy to care
Give them the finger and drive off comfortably
Turn green and kill the person whos responsable
5General intrest, what do you think of cars? (does not affect result)
There alright, a cars a car!
I LOVE cars.

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