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How BRAVE are you?
Test your courage.
personality test

1You are unhappy with your restaurant meal when it arrives at your table. What are you most likely to do?
1) Immediately tell the server and ask him or her to correct the situation.
2) Conceal your displeasure and reluctantly eat your dinner.
3) Quietly leave the restaurant without eating your meal, communicating your displeasure, or paying your bill.
4) Eat your dinner and communicate your displeasure to the host or manager upon leaving the restaurant.
5) It would depend on the circumstances.
2How many different kinds of paid employment have you had?
Just one occupation.
2 different occupations
3 or 4 different occupations
5 or 6 different occupations
7 or more different occupations
3What is the largest group of people that you have ever delivered a speech to?
Fewer than 35 people
35 to 100
101 to 300
301 to 1000
More than 1000 people
4Of the following foreign cuisines – French, Greek, East Indian, Japanese – how many have you tried?
Just 1
5Of the following five physical activities – motorcycle riding, skydiving, river rafting, mountain climbing, scuba diving – how many have you engaged in?
At least 4
6Your boss asks you to complete an assignment by a deadline that you think is unrealistic. You…
Immediately tell your boss how you feel.
Do not speak up immediately but start working on the assignment and express your opinion at some point before the deadline.
Complete the assignment as fast as possible so as to ensure that the deadline is met, even if this means that as a result of your haste the quality of your work suffers.
Just do the work and don’t worry about the deadline.
Call in sick the next day so that you don’t have to deal with the situation.
7You disagree with your instructor about important factual information presented during a college lecture. You would….
Say nothing to anyone.
Speak up immediately.
Speak to the instructor privately after class.
Not speak to the instructor but confide in a few classmates.
It depends on the circumstances.
8What is your age?
Under 18
18 - 22
23 - 29
30 - 39
40 or over
9Generally speaking, how comfortable do you feel speaking up at public meetings?
Not at all comfortable.
Somewhat uncomfortable.
It depends…
Fairly comfortable.
Very comfortable.
10How likely would you be to go to someone’s aid if doing so meant risking your own physical safety?
Very unlikely.
Somewhat unlikely.
Somewhat likely.
Very likely.
I don`t know.
11What is your attitude towards physically hazardous occupations?
I absolutely refuse to do work of that nature.
I am somewhat reluctant to do that kind of work.
It would depend on the degree of risk.
I am attracted to that kind of work.
I am not averse to doing that kind of work.
12Do you (or did you, when you were younger) enjoy sports that involve a fairly high risk of physical injury?
Not at all.
Not particularly.
To some degree.
Very much so.
13Would you enjoy travelling solo to a strange city in another province or state?
Not at all.
Not particularly.
To some degree.
I would love it!
14If someone was to criticize your SO (significant other) unfairly in public, you would…
Not convey anything at all to the critic but express your feelings to your SO later, in private.
Speak up immediately in defence of your SO.
Say nothing to the critic but let your facial expressions and body language convey your displeasure.
Speak to the critic later, in private.
Just give the critic the “silent treatment” from that day forward.
15Generally speaking, how courageous do you think you are?
Hardly anyone is braver than I am.
I consider myself to be a fairly courageous person.
I’m about average in the bravery department.
I am probably somewhat less courageous than most people.
I’m a snivelling coward.
16Do other people generally consider you to be brave or courageous?
For the most part, yes.
To some degree.
Not really.
Actually, I have a reputation for being a coward.
17Do you have any phobias?
Not really.
Just one.
A couple.
18Do you (or did you, when you were younger) like roller coaster rides?
I love(d) the roller coaster!
Well, sort of, I guess.
I refuse to ever go on the roller coaster!
19What is the greatest height from which you have ever dived into a body of water?
10 metres or more
At least 5 metres, but less than 10 metres
At least 3 metres, but less than 5 metres
Less than 3 metres
I have never dived into a body of water.
20What is the highest speed at which you have ever operated a motor vehicle?
160 km/h (100 mph) or more
At least 130km/h (80 mph), but less than 160 km/h (100 mph)
At least 100 km/h (60 mph), but less than 130km/h (80 mph)
Less than 100 km/h (60 mph)
I have never operated a motor vehicle.

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