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What Family Guy Character are you?
some1 may have done this before but i dont care
personality test

1The family are having an argument.Do you.........
give them sugar pills
go to the bar
read a book (with secret blueprints)
point out that their is a robber in the house or ask for a nose job
start fighting
2you are out on a shopping trip.Do you.....
Go crazy and buy a Prada bag
buy paper towels
buy a hotdog
buy booze
buy this weeks edition of "Domination Weekly"
3Someone gets on the angry side of you. Do you......
Reason with them
Punch them
Invite them to dinner
Vaporise them
4You are in the bath.You fall asleep.Do you.....
Dream about women
Dream about a piano concert
Dream about drawing
Dream about becoming evil emperor of the world
Being popular/Understanding your family

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