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The Sith Academy
How would you survive?...Or would you at all?
personality test

1You and your master cause an accident that makes everyone but himself and you look bad, what do you do?
Nothing, he' s happy your happy what could be better?
Inform the Lords of your masters mistake and blame him for the whole thing
Kill your master, and come out of it looking like the hero.
Come clean with everyone.
2You are on a patrol with a sqaud of troopers, one of them becomes sick and starts to slow you down. If you dont complete the patrol on time you could be punished, what do you do?
Kill the man, you cannot risk yourself for someone else.
Stop and heal him for a few minutes with the Force, and hope you dont get in trouble.
You're late anyway, kill the entire patrol and claim to have been in a surprise firefight.
3Your in a Sith base and are attacked by infiltrator Jedi's. they are captured and brought to you for questioning. You then see that they are all very young. What do you do?
Slaughter them where they stand.
Torture them for information.
Teach them the truth of Freedom and Darkness.
Extract their Mediclorians to enhance your power
Let them go, they are to young to be in this war.
Zap them with Force Lightning...Just for fun.
4You are assaulting a Jedi outpost, and out of desperation the Jedi send younglings to face you, what do you do?
Order your heavy gunners to cut them down.
Ignite your light saber and deal with them yourself.
Order your men to take them prisoner.
Fall back, you cant kill CHILDREN!
Zap them with Force Lightning...Laughing the whole time.
5You are on a Sith held world and are surprise attacked by the armies of the Republic, your armies are badly damaged in the offensive, what do you do?
Assemble whats left of your fleet and run the blockade
Engage in guerrilla warfare by disbanding into the forest.
Pretend to surrender but when they are in range open up with the hidden planetary defenses!!
Surrender, there is no hope.
6The ruler of a powerful world pleads with you to help him find his kidnapped daughter, what do you do?
Help him for a reward.
Refuse, he should of protected his daughter better.
Demand the reward in advance, and then runoff with it without helping him.
Help the man for no reward, someone is in trouble you must help.
Help find the daughter, but then use her to blackmail the king into helping your cause.
7A young officer disobeys your commands, to save 332 sith soldiers from certain death, what do you do?
Kill the 332 men, and then the young officer, to show what happens when your orders are disobeyed
Reward the man for such clever thinking.
My orders are NEVER wrong.
Kill the man, for such disobedence.
8Fifteen worlds have banned together to stop you and your Sith Armada, you defeat the alliance, but what will you do with the men that started it?
Imprison them.
Order them to be executed
Execute them yourself...with your bare hands.
Torture them for fun, then kill them
Behead the leaders yourself, and then order your ships to slag all 15 worlds!
9A poverty stricken young women comes to you and claims her child will become force sensitive later in his life. The child is crippled and malnourished, what do you do?
Kill the women and take the baby
Kill them both.
Take them both as your slaves.
Kill the child, and take just the woman...she may have other uses.
Scare them away.
Give them some money then ask them to leave.
Take the child and try to train him.
10A band of heavily armed mercenary's infiltrate your flag ship and take your best officer (and secret lover) captive and demand your light saber crystal in return for the officers safety, what do you do?
Order you fleet to open fire on the mercenary ship.
Try and bribe them with all of your wealth.
Reach out with the Force and kill all the mercenary's
Give them what they want, your lover can not be endangered.

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