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Which J-rock band would you be fit for?
This should be fun. Take if you love J-rock! :D
personality test

1What usually comes to mind when you think of names for songs?
Fruit, kinds of material, and cherry blossoms.
Maggots, riots, and bathrooms.
Trees, cages, and gardens.
Smiles, Maple syrup, and rabbits
Rock`n`Roll, freedom, and random sounds birds make.
Love, wishes, and sake!
2Describe your band`s live shows.
Many screaming girls, and choreographed dances.
Many fans of harder visual kei, many amazing solos, and sexy dance move fanservices. <3
Many dedicated fans who know their poses well, lots of group interaction and fanservice.
Some dance moves, guitar/dj solos, and plenty of self-fanservice.
The most adorable fans ever, big balloons, and just major fun!
An energetic crowd, blood, and fish-hooking.
3When your band is asked to tour in America...What do you have to say?
Been there and done that! But we`d go again for sure.
We`ll go soon...
Some day we will come see you guys! (Directed towards American fans).
Eh...probably not for awhile.
I want to! But it will take some time.
4Describe your band`s genre.
Happy hardcore!
Heavier visual kei.
Metal-ish and ex-visual kei.
Superb visual. <3
5Describe your bands members.
We`re the best of friends. We`re always laughing and getting along.
We`re good friends, and often are helping each other find things, and cooking food for each other.
We all have multiple careers, but we still get along well.
The members are older, but still fun, and funny. We usually get along, but we do poke fun sometimes.
We`re adorable! But we also beat up stuffed ducks, and "ride" stuffed chickens.
6Describe your band`s comments.
We don`t really do many comments.
Quite spastic, and hyper activity, but they are quite humorous.
Lots of laughing, and poking and cuteness.
They have a lot of humor, random waving, wishes, and drummers hitting guitarist...
Usually one member talks and the others stay dormant. Occasionally there will be a laugh.
Multiple uses of the word "Hai", laughing, some fanservice, and members doing push-ups!
7Describe your band`s fashions.
Preppy-ish, simple.
We used to wear intense costumes, but out style has lightened up and dulled down a bit.
Many colors, sandals, and just random things.
Anything bright and cute. Usually not matching.
Matching colors, and styles, semi-flashy, and pretty visual kei.
The outfits kinda match, there are lots of studs, see through shirts, and fur!
8What are some of your band`s influences?
Due `le Quartz and ore-sama.
Pop bands.
Korn, Muse, Atari Teenage Riot, Limp Bizkit, and MUSE
Plastic Tree, X-Japan

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