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Which Saddle Club Girl are you most like?
Are you most like Carol, Stevie, Lisa, Kristy, or Veronica?
personality test

1 Your friend has a problem and she needs someone to talk to. What would you do?
Understand how she's feeling and help her out
Listen to her problems and let her vent to you
Take action as soon as she tells you her problem
Tell her it's her problem and walk away
What problem?
2 Your friend is learning how to do show jumping and she's a little nervous. What do you do?
Tell her you have to do it perfect or she's not a good rider
Focus on yourself
Give lots of advice and help her as much as possible - hey, what are friends for?
You are understanding and tell her not to worry
Tell her it's alot of fun and everything will be fne
3 Your out on a trail ride and your friend falls off her horse. She's fine and you go and check her saddle. The girth is loose. What do you say to her?
Don't say anything just sit and watch
Horses puff up their stomach when you're doing the girth
Can't even stay in the saddle
Ask if she's okay and help her out
Your girth is loose, and you fix it for her
4You're hanging out at the stables and your friend is late for something. She rushes to do her chores. What do you do?
Offer to help her and help her even if she says no
Don't take any notice
Don't help her just watch
Offer to help her
Give her ways to get it done faster and help her out at the same time
5You're at the stables and you find out your friend wants to sell her horse because she wants a new one. What do you do?
Try to talk her out of it
Sell the horse for her because that's what she wants
Tell her about all the good times her and her horse had together
Tell her that she is dumb and walk away
Tell her that she's crazy

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