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Which Big Cat Are You?
Find Out Which Big Cat You Are!
personality test

1You are walking to/from school/work when it suddenly starts pouring rain. What do you do?
You immediately call for a taxi or a friend for a ride.
You find a shop to browse through until it stops raining.
Stand under a building ledge until it stops.
You walk faster/run to your destination.
You were prepared and brought an umbrella which you end up sharing with someone else.
You take your time going to your destination anyway.
2You are walking down the street when you find a wallet with no I.D. or any other cards of identification. The wallet only contains $100 bill. What do you do with it?
Go and spend the money right away.
Keep it.
Keep it, only because odds are slim you'll find the actual owner.
You turn it into the police station. It's possible someone filed a "missing" report for it.
Keep it but share it with your family/friends.
You go around the neighborhood asking if anyone lost anything. If not, you keep it.
3You decide to start doing an artistic hobby. What do you choose to do?
4What would you be most comfortable living in?
Something I can fit my entire family comfortably in. Something large and realistic.
An average house. Something you'd find in a regular suburb. Creative on the inside.
Something fairly large and very elegant.
A classy apartment.
A house to share with someone else. Tidy yet not the cleanest place.
5You have been considered what by people before?
6You have been granted one super power. What do you choose?
Super strength.
The ability to move stuff with your mind.
Being able to become invisible.
The ability to read other people's minds.
Anything as long as you can use it for good.
Flying powers.
7You are walking down a dark street in the middle of the night. All of a sudden you are confronted by a group of trouble-makers. What do you do?
Bully my way out of trouble.
Suggest they find better things to do and continue walking.
Talk your way out of trouble as long as there is no conflict.
Do what you believe is the best way to handle the situation.
You do whatever they want. They are probably just confronting you because they need your help.
Ask them what they need but don't necessarily give into their persuasions.

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