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Which Seinfeld Character are you?
Find out which main character of Seinfeld you are most like.
personality test

1How often do you eat at home?
Never, I eat my neighbor`s food
Sometimes, but I mostly eat at a familiar diner
Sometimes, but I`d prefer not to, to avoid my parents
Sometimes, but I go out on a lot of dates as well
Very often, I don`t go out a lot
2If someone tells you good news you...
Push them away and scream "Get out!"
Tell it to everyone you know
Somehow manage to find something bad about it
Act excited and jump up, this calls for a celebration
What good news?
3For what reason would you most likely break up with someone?
They don`t laugh at your jokes.
They`re too perfect, it makes you sick.
They have a habit that annoys you.
They dated your friend.
They`re too dull or boring for you.
4For what reason would someone most likely break up with you?
You`re accident prone.
You have a really lame job.
You`re too crazy and adventurous.
You take advantage of them..
You think you`re too good for them.
5Which job appeals to you the most?
Mail carrier
An original business
Couch Potato... you`re too lazy
6What`s your best quality?
That`s a tough question...
Imagination and creativity
Charm ...but not always
Making people laugh
Whining about things.
7Do you follow the rules?
I try, but I manage to accidentally break them
Yes, but then I make fun of them
Not always, I complain about them a lot

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