Beautiful pictures. Descriptions of the animals. Maybe you'll learn something after taking this fun quiz. =] Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Which African mammal are you?
Beautiful pictures. Descriptions of the animals. Maybe you'll learn something after taking this fun quiz. =]
personality test

1Your clothing style?
Black. All black.
Neutral colors, jeans, and maybe a couple brand names here and there.
I try to blend it with what everyone else is wearing.
I have my own style, thankyouverymuch.
Brand name/designer clothes, the latests fashions.
2Your friends?
Too many to count.
Bunch of close friends.
I'm more of a family person.
A lot, and I'm their leader.
A few. I like to keep to myself though.
3An obvious trait of yours is that you are:
A leader
4Pick a setting you would be most comfortable in:
The beach, surrounded by tons of friends and cute guys/girls!
With family on a vacation.
I'm comfortable mostly anywhere, as long as theirs food and water.
On a secluded island watching the sunset over the ocean.
By a stream or river inside a forest.
At the center of attention at a crazy party.
5Which of the following animals represent you the most?
Echidna – shy, quiet, in the shadows, distant.
Monkey – restless, carefree, childish, energetic.
Eagle – strong, quick-tempered, loyal, sharp.
Squirrel – caring, loving, cuddly, kind.
6Which word?
Laughter – the answer to almost everything and also makes you live longer.
Love – makes the ride worthwhile.
Unnoticed – not too keen on talking with others and am glad that I'm not the centre of attention.
Self – be myself and pay not a cow's ear to what other's think.
7What is your worst nightmare?
Being alone forever.
Never finding love.
Embarassing myself in front of millions.
Unable to stand up for myself.
Being surrounded by a bunch of phoney people.
Living on my own.

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