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What X-Files Character are you??
The truth is out there!!! (e)
personality test

1Do you believe in aliens??
Hell yes!!!
The odds are too overwhelming.
I`m not too sure but it`s possible
I KNOW they exist because I have SEEN them!
Those evil alien bastards don`t stand a chance against me!!!
2What is your most prized possession?
My laptop
My prosthetic arm
My mouth!
My UFO memorabilia
My lighter
3What tragedies have happened in your life?
Nobody knows, my life is a mystery
My sister was abducted when I was a kid
My arm was torn off and my boss almost tried to kill me.
My sister was shot - and the bullet was meant for me.
I saw evil things in Vietnam
4What is your nickname?
Rat Boy
Cancer Man
I don`t have a nickname
5What is your catchphrase?
The truth is out there!!!
The truth is out there - but so are lies.
Every problem has a solution.
This is where you pucker up and kiss my ass!
Something in Russian
6Do you have any vices?
Killing People
Carrying around top secret disks in my pocket
Of course not!

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