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Which X-Men villain are you?
Find out which villain you are.
personality test

1What fuels your anger most?
When people judge me on appearance.
When I don't get my way.
People who are different.
When things are peaceful.
2How do you deal with problems?
I destroy the cause.
I use stealth and sabotage the cause.
I let my minions take care of it.
I eat away the pain.
3A really evil but troubled mutant tries to kill you. What do you do?
I throw him into space.
I kill him with no sympathy
I try to recruit him. Maybe he can help.
I can't be killed easily, why respond?
4What is your most prized possession?
Jewelry, any diamonds or GEMS I own.
My talents.
My brute power.
My authority
5What is your best talent?
I blend in well
I'm a macho man
I'm more like an animal
I can use my powers without being noticed.
I can form whatever I need.
6Why do you fight?
I have family to avenge.
I'm just not a nice person.
I can't hide my being different. I shouldn't have to anyway.
I love POWER!!!!!!!

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