Find out what you really desire...
This quiz may not be true for some. But again, it's just a quiz. Don't be upset if you didn't get the result you wanted. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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What do you need in life?
Find out what you really desire... This quiz may not be true for some. But again, it`s just a quiz. Don`t be upset if you didn`t get the result you wanted.
personality test

1It`s a Friday night: What are you doing?
I`m sitting alone in my room, doing nothing. Because that`s what I am, alone....
I`m out on a date. Another pointless date that will go nowhere in the future. I`ll just end up getting hurt again....Was there even a point?
I`m with my councellor.
I`m inside. Doing nothing. As every other weekend. What is there to do when you have nobody to do it with?
I`m on my computer. As every other day..Weekends are nothing special.
2You haven`t had a decent date in awhile: This really interesting and cute guy/girl asks you out for Saturday night. Problem is, that you`ve already made plans for that night with you`re best friend. What do you say to the guy/girl that asked you out?
I say no. It won`t go well anyway, I know it. Plus, it`s my best friend, I wouldn`t break that off for anything or anyone.
I say yes. I haven`t had a date in a long time. Screw my best friend!
I check with my best friend first, just to see if it`s alright that I bail out on her for that night. Hopefully she agrees. Or i`ll miss out.
3In a day, how many hours would you say you`re actually not bored and out, doing something?
24/7 baby!
Maybe 1 or 2 .... I usually am bored with nothing to do. Oh well..No point in having sympathy for myself, when it`s my own fault.
5 to 6 hours.
4This is the last question: If you had to choose between, friendship, or love for the rest of you`re life, which would it be?
Friendship. No guy/girl can replace something as special as that.
Love. I already have alot of friends, I would like to find someone and actually make myself happy for once....
Nothing. I want to be completely isolated for the rest of my life.

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