Do you have the experience and qualifications necessary to convince the American people to elect you President? Take this quiz and find out. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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What kind of president would you be?
Do you have the experience and qualifications necessary to convince the American people to elect you President? Take this quiz and find out.
personality test

1How do you feel about the constitution?
I think we should keep whatever makes the people happy.
The what?
I don't really know
It should be expanded to meet the needs of today's people.
We should spread it to the rest of the world, even if by force
Let me consult with my advisers so i can come up with the best answer...
2How do you feel about social institutions and programs?
If the people are in need it is up to me to help them
How much does it cost, damn it.
I don't know
We should reform social services to become more efficient and more beneficial
People may qualify for welfare if they join up with the armed forces.
I will have the best person working on this
3What would you do if a tornado in the mid-west wiped out a whole city?
Send the army to help
Rebuild the area into prime real estate and put it up for sale.
Mobilize all emergency forces and send help to any who need it.
Force the insurance companies to give their profits to the victims for rebuilding.
I'm not sure
My secretary's brother donated some money to my campaign; I'd appoint him head of emergency services
4What do you feel about the military?
I would drastically cut military spending
We should make military service compulsory
We should have private companies contracted to fight for us.
We should have a military only large enough to keep our people safe from foreign threats
I don't know
We can use it as a method to distract the people from what I'm really doing.
5What should be our foreign policy?
That's complicated
Trade with all nations, alliances with none
Free markets should be our main focus; my advsers have a lot of money invested.
We should build a glorious empire that will endure the aeon.
We should work with other nations to build prosperity and security around the globe
My Secretary of State will know exactly what to do. I'll send her there and then decide.
6Who would you accept campaign contributions from?
Anyone willing to donate, I don't care
I will not accept campaign donations from anyone with ulterior motives
RAND, CFR, Bell Helicopter, Chrysler
Anyone willing to uphold civil tranquility and the constitution
I haven't been keeping track...
My vice president is handling that, he's a real go-getter
7How do you feel about the media?
I'll have a press secretary deal with them, and if he gets out of line I'll replace him.
I wish to work with the media to keep the people updated on my progress
They can cover the triumphant victory parade in the capitol, but thats it!
The media should be enlightening the population instead of distracting them
Ignore the media, they only print fads anyway
8How would you deliver a speech?
To the song "America" by Neil Diamond
Internet Blog
Leaflets dropped by b-2 bomber
9How would you deal with a skeleton in your closet that has recently come to the public's attention?
Define scandal...
My people know the best lawyers in town
New reason to start a war!
I will not disclose my personal information
There's nothing wrong with what I did. Even Presidents have private lives
Honesty is the best policy... always
10Who would you choose as your Vice President?
Someone who balances my ideas with differing opinions
My dad's friend who babysat me when i was little
Someone who looks good on tv
An aging activist who has devoted his life to helping the oppressed
a Patsy
My Executive Officer

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