A quiz that has nothing to do with which camera brand you own and everything to do with which brand your personality corresponds to. But be careful the truth may be hard to swallow..... Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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What type of Camera are you?
A quiz that has nothing to do with which camera brand you own and everything to do with which brand your personality corresponds to. But be careful the truth may be hard to swallow.....
personality test

1How important is photography in your life
Extremely important, I live out of my pictures
I love taking pictures, and love my gear. I'd even take it with me to bed if I was allowed to
I'm taking this quiz. That should count for something right??
I take pictures whenever I get the time to do it
2What is your main interest in Photography?
Action, sports, cars, bikes, or anything that moves fast, I can nail a hummingbird on 100 meters
Landscapes, flowers, insects, birds, nature really shows you the wonders of the world
Street walking, people, canned shots, everyday life, my dog or the kids in the garden
Construction, design, studio work, weddings, I'd do well in Stock Photography
3Which one of these famous Photographers do you look up to the most?
Ansel Adams
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Helmut Newton
Don't know any of them and I don't really care about old stuff
4Which one of these lenses would you regret the most not bringing to a typical photo shoot do you think?
a 70-200mm f/2.8 or equivalent.
a 14-24mm f/2.8 or equivalent.
a 70mm f/2.8 or equivalent, preferably with Macro.
I have this one lens and it suits me fine on most occasions.
5You are on a boat trip with your favourite gear when suddenly the boat starts to sink. What do you do?
I'd find something that floats and put my bag on it hoping that it will stay dry until we're rescued
I'd put my favourite lens in my hat and start swimming
I'd zip up my waterproof bag real tight and look for land
Nevermind, the insuranse will cover it
6If you had to choose a different brand than you have today, which one would you most likely choose?
What? I'd rather die than swap brands
7You're in a heated discussion about photo techniques. The others are dead wrong and you know it. What do you do?
Let them argue, who cares?
Look it up on Internet and send them an e-mail afterwards
I'd put them in place and walk away, stupidity is all around
I never back out of an argument esp. not when I know the correct answer
8You arrive at a car accident, other people seem to have taken control of the situation. What do you do?
Continue while observing the scene carefully. There might be something the others have missed.
Ask if there is something that could be done to help.
Wish you had taken the camera with you.
Grab the camera and your widest lens. Good money is waiting.
9Your better half is not satisfied with all the spendings on photo gear. What do you do?
Apologize but remind him/her that hobbies cost, and so does his/hers
Apologize sincerely and promise never to do it again (yeah right)
Immediately install separate accounts on the computer. She/he won't catch me on eBay again
This would never happen. She/he knows very well where the money comes from
10You see a new high performing lens has just hit the streets and you really want it. What do you do?
Run out and buy it immediately. Must have it before my competitors get it.
Check my savings and figure out a way to get it as soon as possible.
Start saving and gather test results. When it's dropped to the right price level I'll make my move.
If the range is covered I see no reason to buy another lens just now.
11A long awaited new camera of your brand is finally released. What is your immediate reaction?
Start downloading sample pictures to see if the performance is any good
I'd been on the order list for many weeks by now
Check the forums to see if there are any comments about the new camera
Start spreading the word about the wonderful new equipment

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