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What kind of Neighbours character are you?
Take this test to see what kind of Neighbours character you would be! (e)
personality test

1What would you rather do on your day off?
Stay home and play video games?
Go and bake a cake for the sexy young man next door?
Go flaunt yourself at the mall?
Sit home and complain about things?
2Your on a family holiday. whould you rather...
Go to the beach and check out the cute guys?
Sit in the caravan and watch T.V?
Go socialize with you caravan park neighbours and complain about your family?
Try and pick up a guy that is half your age?
3A murder happens in your St, You...
Snoop around and get in the way of things?
Flirt with the policemen?
Stay in your room and watch the whole thing on T.V?
Tell everybody to stay away?
4The sixteen year-old girl on your St gets pregnant, you automatically?
Call her nasty names?
Offer her advice?
5There is a huge car accident, you...
Rush to the hospital and take all your anger out on the hospital staff?
Go to the hospital and flirt with the staff?
Be there for everyone?
Go to the hospital and laugh at everybody?
6You find out you have a brother that you never knew about, You...
Flirt with him even though he is your brother?
Ignore him?
Treat him like you were his mum?
Bake cakes for him?
7You burn down a coffee shop, You...
Hide the evidence as best as possible?
Frame someone else?
Don`t tell anyone and don`t worry at all?
Fess up?
8You just got dumped, You?
Tell everyone and cry on their shoulders?
Hide out in your room?
Go get revenge?
Bitch slap him in the middle of the St?
9You just move into a new St, You...
You flaunt yourself and get everyones attention?
Don`t talk to anyone?
Bake cakes for everyone?
Tell everyone that your going to rule the St?

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