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Are we best friends?
How compatible are we~?
personality test

Hey wassup
2Hm... So, what's your favorite school subject?
English; I love writing inappropriately-placed edgy poetry
English; I want to learn analysis and composition!
Math; I love numbers!
Math; I'm good at it
Art; I love creating!
Art; I really love anime~!
Music; I love creating and playing~!
Science; I love analysis!
History; I love analysis!
History; past ages interest me to no end!
3Music preferences?
Meh, don't listen to music
All sorts of punk!
Most subgenres of vocaloid, if not all~
Country roads take me home..
i can tell you my favorite composer, opus, movement, page and phrase and will greatly enjoy doing so
Broadway and that pop shtuff
National anthems
Metal/Rock/Alt; horns up!
Rap that has a kind of punk message to it
4Play or played an instrument?
5Do you like any of these movies?
Ingourious Basterds
Yugioh: Dark Side of Dimensions
Lord of the RIngs/The Hobbit
6Do you like these shows?
Yugioh (good show with the downside of a fandom obsessed with smut of underaged teens)
House (good drama and hot ladies not much to complain about)
The Witcher (Jaskier and Yennfer I would watch just for the looks)
The Alienist (just really cool also daniel bruhl has never been more of a cinnamon roll)
Motherland: Fort Salem (aka hot witch ladies)
7Not to be too invasive, but political opinions?
Very far left; I believe in strong communities and all-around equality
Left; people should be equal and the government is what enforces that
I don't have a political view.
Right; Capitalism is the center of the American Dream
Farther Right; Classism exists for a reason: those who deserve to be in power should be
Alt-Right: Those in power should oppress those without
8Now to the fun bits: Favorite anime? If you don't have any, which from these sounds the coolest?
Oh, Death Note is my favorite! I really like psychological things
Fate: Stay Night is a good one! Lots of action
I really like Fate: Zero; the character arcs are so interesting and the action is outstanding!
Black Butler; it's edgy and funny~
Violet Evergarden - I like the sad ones
Kiseijuu Sei no Kakuritsu: gruesome as well as interesting
BnHA (I've never seen this one)
Blue Exorcist because I like the character arcs
Blue Exorcist mostly for Mephisto
Blue Exorcist but the manga's better for lore
9Favorite groups or singers? If you don't know em, then their genre instead?
Days N Daze are a big part of the folk punk community!
AJJ stands for something unconditionally and that's really cool
Disturbed pretty much define edgy heavy metal don't they?
Seether and Evanescence - I'm more into alt. rock
Creature Feature and other avant-garde things
I reiterate: country roads take me home..
Mafumafu, Soraru, Utsu-P - I love vocaloid!
Kikuo, Ghost, Steampianist: I love the darker side of vocaloid!
FromSoft OST for my favorite bosses
Dies Irae is really fascinating but wait until you hear about the fugue-
10Aand, the big question: video games?
Oh, no. Not for me, thanks
Overwatch, CoD, Doom and other FPS games are my specialty
Nier: Automata, Bloodstained, Tales of Berseria; just anime games!
Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro, Demons' Souls - FromSoft is the best!
Minecraft, Don't Starve; survival that can be slow or fast paced and taken in one's own stride
I like mobile games
Soul Caliber, Tekken, Street Fighter, Smash; fighting games that can be button smashed or played
11Which of these describe you best?
Text more than call
12Do you like me?
Sorry mate, I'm a misanthrope

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