Do they really like you?
Let's find out!
(Sorry it's short, I tried my best ha!) Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Does your crush like you?
Do they really like you? Let's find out! (Sorry it's short, I tried my best ha!)
personality test

1Do they stare at you?
Yes, all the time! It's amazing..
Uhh, kinda, I'm not sure though.
No not at all.. I want them to see me!
2Do you ever talk to them?
Yes, all the time! We're like, best buds!
Sometimes, but I'm not sure if they listen.
Does eavesdropping count?! Other than that, no. :(
3Do they do nice things for you?
No, they don't even go near me..
Yeah, they always walk with me, even if we're going in different directions!
Once in a while, but the "nice things" they do aren't big.
4Do you stalk them on social media?
OMG, yes! They will never know though!!!! MWAHAHHAHA!!
Sometimes when I'm bored. Maybe a little...
Heck no! That's creepy and weird. But they always comment first on everything I post
I don't have social media.
5Last question: Do they know you like them?
No, but I want to tell them so bad!
YASSS!! I think they know I'm obsessed with them though.
Yep, but they've told me they like someone, too, but they won't tell me who!

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