Find out where you would stand on the animal food chain, and where you do stand in the human "popularity" chain! Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Where do you stand on the food chain?
Find out where you would stand on the animal food chain, and where you do stand in the human "popularity" chain!
personality test

1What do you like to to on a typical day?
Chill out in the sun
Go on a hunting trip!
Stay at home, nobody even cares
Go wherever my friends go
Go out to town, I don't care what other people think
2Are you good socially?
We'll duh!
I don't need to be, I like myself
I am friends with teachers, does that count?
3Do you like to stay indoors or outdoors?
Inside, I'm scared of the outdoors.
Either or, I am proud of myself either way.
Outdoors, I like to hunt.
Wherever my friends are.
I choose outdoors, I like the sun.
4when you get up, what is the first thing you do?
hang out with my friends
get my gang and beat up that weird kid
i stay inside
go out and do what you want
Go to work/school
5Someone attacks you, what do you do?
Fight back, you can do it!
You would be the one attacking.
Protect your friends, you adore them!
Yell at them for being immature baby's!
6Honestly, how many non-relative friends do you have?
My superior(s)
They all obey me
Everyone, I guess
Me, myself, and I
7Someone drops their wallet, what do you do?
Return it!
Take the money and run!
I don't know
Take the money, return the wallet!
Take the wallet to police or give it back to the owner if near.
8You are given a few choices on where you want to go out to eat. You go to:
The china buffet
I make homemade food
Take all the food!
I stay at home, maybe order some pizza?
Where ever I feel like going that day

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