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how long would you last in a zombie attack?
how long would you last if an infection took over your town?
personality test

1you hear that an infection is causing people in your town to become zombie like. what would you do?
call yer mates and have a chat.
gather weapons, food and water.
get your family together and discuss what to do.
2where to stay.
you stay in your house and border up the windows and doors.
gather in an alliance and find an old warehouse.
keep moving around the town, resting in abandoned houses/hotels
food, water and gun(12 bullets)
food, water and knives(3 knives)
food, water and blankets
4The shops are open for one more hour and you can buy up to 7 items(plus what you already have), what do you do?
run to the shop with a bag and buy 5 items of food and 2 items of drink.
run to the shop and grab what you can carry.
rely on what you have got with your and forget the shop.
5your friend is infected and leads a group of Zombies to your hide out, what do you do?
run like a pussy into the distance.
beat the crap out of those bastards. show 'em what your made of.
move out and find a new spot while there not looking.
6you find yourself in the outskirts of the town. you are with three other people whore are asleep. there has been no zombie action for a while, do you
go for a quick walk, see if you can find anything interesting.
wake them up and have a look around. you've gotta entertain yourselves somehow.
build a small camp and try and let other people know about it. it seems like quite a safe place.
take all your clothes off and start singing queen
7all of your friends are dead and your on yer own. you know of a large camp base just outside of town but there has been no communication with them for a while.
collect up any food and other supplies you can find and head for the base. it cant be to far, right?
try and find someone else to work with and build a small camp.
pray to the lord and hope for a miracle.
wave yer hands in the air like yer just dont care

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