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Are You Shy Or Outgoing?
Are you the kind of person that likes all eyes on you or the kind that likes to sneak by without being noticed?
personality test

1There is a new student at school. How Do You Introduce Yourself?
Immediately go introduce yourself. Ask abunch of questions and tell about yourself.
Go with a friend to go introduce yourself. Ask a few questions but find it awkward and leave.
You don't introduce yourself. You wait for someone to introduce them to you.
2Your regular lunch table is full. You notice a table that ins't full yet but realize none of your friends are there. You?
Sit at a table that is empty. You would much rather sit by yourself than with people you don't know.
Sit with them but wait for them to talk to you.
Sit with them and start the convo! Who cares if you aren't with your friends. You can make more!
3You're at a family reunion. One of your cousins got married and you haven't met their spouce yet. You?
Go right away and get to know them. After all, they are family now.
Go with your family to meet them but don't really say much.
Wait for them to come to you. You don't want to bother them since they are getting used to everyone.
4It's your first day of school. You haven't seen anyone this summer because you've been on a visiting family over seas. When you walk in to school you?
Wait for your friends to come up to you. You don't like being pushy.
Walk up to your friends but don't talk until they talk to you.
Imediately go to your friends and start talking... alot!
5You start a new school. How Do You Act?
You try not to be noticed. You really don't like being center of attention.
You look around at people but don't do anything.
You start saying "hi" to people. You should probably starting meeting people now.
6Will You Comment On This Quiz?
Yes! I comment on pretty much every quiz!
Yes but I won't say to much.
No... I feel uncomfortable leaving comments.
I would if I had an account.

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