See if you are the type who is destined to lead others, or if you'll always be known as one in a herd of billions of sheep! Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Are you destined to be a Leader or a Follower?
See if you are the type who is destined to lead others, or if you'll always be known as one in a herd of billions of sheep!
personality test

1Your at a party when the power goes out, and an enormous human eating gorilla can be seen walking around outside the windows. You'd:
Huddle in a corner and start weeping loudly while peeing in your pants.
Be the first to come up with a plan of action and save everyone!
Sit back and see how things unfold while keeping your cool, even though your scared to death.
2You wrote an essay that was so well liked, your teacher asks you to recite it out loud at the assembly. What do you say?
Cower at the thought, run to the restroom and throw up, then return and decline the offer.
Jump at the opportunity! You love a good chance to be in the spotlight and lecture others.
Tell them you'll do it, if you can have a buddy next to you. So you don't feel awkward!
3Do you get nervous is public situations?
No way, I love being around people! The more the merrier!
It depends on exactly how many people are around.
Duh, I get nervous even with myself in the room. Crowds of people? Not for me!
4What's your "talk" style?
I love to talk, most of the time you can't shut me up! In fact it scares people away.
I'm usually the quiet one.
I sometimes get a talkative streak, but normally I am quiet. Quiet but sociable.
5How many friends do you have?
Friends? I wish, don't know the meaning of the word. I'm lonely.
A few close personal friends.
Lots of em'. I am very popular but, I only hang out with certain cliques!
I have many friends, from all over, all types of groups. You name it, who isn't my friend?
6When it comes to telling the truth, are you:
Brutally honest, even if it means hurting someone's feelings!
Honest to a certain extent but, are willing to start fibbin' if I know someone could get hurt or mad
It depends on who I am talking to, how strong they are, and whether or not they have a bad temper!
No, I usually lie. It's for the better. No one's feelings get hurt and your body stays unbruised.
7You are driving down the highway when you see a car ahead of you spin out of control and flip over the median. What do you do?
Stop my car and run to them with my cell phone. I wanna help him in any way I can!
I'd help, but I wouldn't get out of my car. I'd call 911 from my cell while passing by.
Do nothing while being nosy and stairing. Someone else will call 911 eventually. It's not my place.
8Do you enjoy being photographed?
Yes, I never miss a photo opportunity!
Only during holidays and family events. Don't wanna forget good times.
No, I'm usually the one who covers my face.
9Do you like being the center of attention?
Yes! Every time I'm around a big group of people, I always am.
Sometimes, when I'm feeling goofy or really social but, only with family and friends
No! I get nervous when more than 3 people are stairing at me all at once!
10Do people ever come to you for advice or help?
All the time.
Sometimes. Usually only close friends or younger siblings on the verge of getting in trouble.
No, hardly ever. I'm either not social enough or don't give good advice so, they think I don't care.
11If you have done something wrong and someone comes to confront you on this issue, do you:
Quickly change the conversation, make an excuse to leave, and avoid them later at all costs
Find an excuse to leave, then later address the issue over the phone. I hate face to face talk
Talk with them and maturely take blame for my actions, then offer to fix the problem.

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