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Are you cisgendered?

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1 yr ago, 4 mos ago - Wednesday 11/7/18 - 1:55:50 PM EST (GMT-5)
On Monday 3/5/18 - 8:22:37 PM j2moneyj2d2 wrote:
i’m also heteronormative cis!

I'll take your hetero and cis at face value. But what does normative even mean in this context?
1 yr ago, 4 mos ago - Wednesday 11/7/18 - 6:18:09 PM EST (GMT-5)
If we respond to old posts from cool members and paint the YT baby on an alter maybe the old member will come back.
1 yr ago, 4 mos ago - Wednesday 11/7/18 - 6:47:17 PM EST (GMT-5)
On Thursday 10/18/18 - 12:45:33 PM SterileMary wrote:
On that, I stand corrected. However, sex and gender are two different things, and 69x stated gender rather than sex. I brought sex into it since he was yelling about science.
On Saturday 10/20/18 - 11:46:06 PM Abzurd wrote:
That's what puzzle me about the whole thing, like it's almost a question of language more than identity. In my first language, it's the word sexe that describes both. Genre (gender) is only used for grammar (our nouns are either feminine or masculine) or categories.

Um, wat?

1 yr ago, 4 mos ago - Friday 11/9/18 - 8:11:54 PM EST (GMT-5)
On Monday 3/12/18 - 12:53:33 AM KingPopeOne wrote:
And I disagree.
Trans is switching.
I don't wear dresses and have never worn one.
But, if a man wants to wear a dress, then let him wear a dress. It does not mean he wants to be a woman so much as it means he likes dresses.
The trans male or female is switching who they are, and, furthermore, I would say that the transvestite is more honest than a transgender.
They like what they like sans switching

These are two entirely different things.
Transvestite people (usually men) like to dress in the clothing of the other sex. There is often an element of sexual thrill in this.
Transexual people (male and female) feel they were born into the wrong body, and want to be in the body and recognized in the manner they perceive themselves to actually be.
1 yr ago, 4 mos ago - Friday 11/9/18 - 8:12:10 PM EST (GMT-5)
Gender queer people (male and female) don't fully identify with either gender, regardless of the sex of the body they inhabit.
1 yr ago, 4 mos ago - Friday 11/9/18 - 8:13:24 PM EST (GMT-5)
On Sunday 3/5/17 - 7:36:48 PM Abzurd wrote:
not really the word I use.

what word would you prefer for this precise meaning?
1 yr ago, 4 mos ago - Friday 11/9/18 - 8:17:07 PM EST (GMT-5)
also yes i am
1 yr ago, 4 mos ago - Saturday 11/10/18 - 6:29:09 PM EST (GMT-5)

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