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Is it hypocritical for Christians to hate non-Christians?

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11 yrs ago, 11 mos ago - Saturday 8/23/08 - 1:15:19 PM EST (GMT-5)
Not hypocritical?

I'd say it's ridiculous. I don't see the hypocrisy, really.
Anyone care to explain that?
11 yrs ago, 11 mos ago - Saturday 8/23/08 - 1:38:41 PM EST (GMT-5)
not all christains hate all non christains but yes it is. in this religon you are supposed to love all no matter who they are and no matter what they have done
11 yrs ago, 11 mos ago - Saturday 8/23/08 - 1:41:26 PM EST (GMT-5)
It's the absolute in hyporcisy. Christ's goal was to change the world with love, compassion, and grace.

The whole point is that you're supposed to be changed by Christ's love. I'm not saying that people become Christians and all of the sudden they're perfect... And far from it... People don't have spiritual yadda yadda yadda just cause they want to, it's normally so they can deal with the sh*t that's gone wrong in their lives.

But for Christianity as an institution to hate someone because they're of a different faith is COMPLETELY off base.
11 yrs ago, 11 mos ago - Saturday 8/23/08 - 1:43:05 PM EST (GMT-5)
It's hypocritical for Christians to hate, period
11 yrs ago, 11 mos ago - Saturday 8/23/08 - 1:48:44 PM EST (GMT-5)
Yeah, it is. Christians shouldn't hate at all.
Well, IMO, PEOPLE shouldn't hate at all, but Christians come from a a faith that is suppose to be all about love, so especially them.

11 yrs ago, 11 mos ago - Saturday 8/23/08 - 5:39:06 PM EST (GMT-5)
I'm a teenage atheist and all the adult Christians I know HATE me when it comes to opinions...
11 yrs ago, 11 mos ago - Saturday 8/23/08 - 11:32:44 PM EST (GMT-5)
It's not so much hypocritical, as it is un-christian I thinkk. A true christian is sappost to love even their enemies aren't theyy ? I'm christian and I hate no one. Read Genesis 15 - 19:21 and youu will know whyy.
11 yrs ago, 11 mos ago - Sunday 8/24/08 - 2:23:09 AM EST (GMT-5)
thats why religion exist
11 yrs ago, 11 mos ago - Sunday 8/24/08 - 2:29:32 AM EST (GMT-5)
I once got rejected by a girl's parents for not being a christian.

I'd like to think we're even though, 'cause I f*cked their daughter.
11 yrs ago, 11 mos ago - Sunday 8/24/08 - 5:18:14 AM EST (GMT-5)
On Saturday 8/23/08 - 11:32:44 PM lucinda17 wrote:
I'm christian and I hate no one.

Only because you don't know me very well.
11 yrs ago, 11 mos ago - Sunday 8/24/08 - 8:34:57 AM EST (GMT-5)
No, I'd say it's human fallibility. Aspiring to something higher and falling short isn't hypocritical in and of itself. Condemning someone for something, then doing the same thing is.
11 yrs ago, 11 mos ago - Sunday 8/24/08 - 11:57:58 AM EST (GMT-5)
Not the Jews, I mean, they killed Jesus, seems reasonable to hate those responsible for the death of the Savior.
11 yrs ago, 6 mos ago - Thursday 1/29/09 - 12:03:15 PM EST (GMT-5)
Yes, it says in the Bible to love your enemies

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