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Have you ever participated in a pinewood derby?

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18 yrs ago, 3 mos ago - Thursday 3/28/02 - 6:15:44 PM EST (GMT-5)
no, mainly b/c i don't know what that is
18 yrs ago, 3 mos ago - Saturday 3/30/02 - 12:26:11 AM EST (GMT-5)
it's the best! you make these little cars out of wooden blocks (as aerodynamic as possible) heavy at the nose, thin in the middle, and heavy at the end. and then you race them down this slope (any kind of slope) w/ these grooves made so that the cars fit perfectly in there (so the cars go in a straight line) and race like 4 cars at a time. it's so much fun. the little kids get into it a lot. it's a boyscout thing. AWANA (baptist thing...) does it to...
18 yrs ago, 3 mos ago - Saturday 3/30/02 - 12:30:56 AM EST (GMT-5)
I did it in boyscouts way back in the day.
18 yrs ago, 3 mos ago - Saturday 3/30/02 - 1:42:08 AM EST (GMT-5)
i always just watched my brother kick everyone's asses... probably because my dad always built his car for him.
18 yrs ago, 3 mos ago - Monday 4/1/02 - 8:07:38 AM EST (GMT-5)
It was a cubscout thing. I really didn't enjoy it that much. It seemed like a waste of time.
18 yrs ago, 3 mos ago - Wednesday 4/3/02 - 12:18:53 PM EST (GMT-5)
yeah i cars were always the worst at racing and i would confuse everyone when at the end i would jump around cheering yelling, "i lost!"...but i always got the award for best design/decoration. <shrug>
18 yrs ago, 3 mos ago - Wednesday 4/3/02 - 12:19:50 PM EST (GMT-5)
my car sucked. i painted it with poster paint an it looked like crap.
18 yrs ago, 3 mos ago - Wednesday 4/3/02 - 12:24:48 PM EST (GMT-5)
we used to have stupid wood-car race tournament things for some drated up reason in my city and once everyone in my class had to enter. My friend and I entered a can for the sake of entering something at the last minute..and were disqualified...too bad it wasn't wood.
18 yrs ago, 1 mos ago - Friday 5/31/02 - 3:50:34 PM EST (GMT-5)
No, that would be cool though
17 yrs ago, 9 mos ago - Tuesday 10/8/02 - 9:52:39 AM EST (GMT-5)
Yeah back in cub scouts, in Junior High we made some out of foam and stuck CO2 bulbs in the back. Those bastards flew.

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