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10 Most Popular Questions Today
1 Do you think people say they're just being honest to get away with being a jerk?

2 Would you rather have sex with Thor or with Loki?

3 Do you like 2014?

4 Do you like Minecraft?

5 Which version of "Careless Whisper" do you prefer?

6 If you ask to borrow someone's phone and it has face oil and finger grease on the screen do you suck it up and use it because they were kind enough to offer or do you hand it back with a lame excuse?

7 Are you happy that Brock Lesnar ended Undertaker`s Streak?

8 Would you be Cool and rich but be mentally challenged or be a Nerd and be smart but be middle class?

9 Is the world ever going to end?

10 Who do you like more: Rebecca Black or Justin Beiber?

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