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322 hits Rate me! Share Favorite | Flag 16 years ago by falconwing

Who has the better speaking voice: James Earl Jones or Sean Connery?

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16 yrs ago, 9 mos ago - Sunday 8/10/03 - 6:24:52 PM EST (GMT-5)
Sean Connery's voice is funny, especially after the SNL sketches came out, now I can't hear him talk without picturing him saying 'suck my white ass Trebek' LOL ... James Earl Jones has a really cool voice, it's kind of hypnotic :)
16 yrs ago, 9 mos ago - Sunday 8/10/03 - 6:26:00 PM EST (GMT-5)
lol i agree with the SNL thing hahahaha. Id say James though after heaing a Bob and Tom scteh, james earl jones candy heart readings. It was soooooo funny. Plus he is your father....
16 yrs ago, 9 mos ago - Sunday 8/10/03 - 6:26:13 PM EST (GMT-5)
(yea i know bad joke :()
16 yrs ago, 9 mos ago - Sunday 8/10/03 - 6:26:40 PM EST (GMT-5)
O yea, plus James Earl jones was in Command and Conquer Tiberian sun for the pc :)
16 yrs ago, 9 mos ago - Sunday 8/10/03 - 6:28:26 PM EST (GMT-5)
James no doubt. Sean only works when you want an accent. That requires a certin mood.
16 yrs ago, 9 mos ago - Sunday 8/10/03 - 6:31:25 PM EST (GMT-5)
Like international spy :)
16 yrs ago, 9 mos ago - Sunday 8/10/03 - 6:48:53 PM EST (GMT-5)
lol yeah i love snl skits there hilarious "rough, rough like your mother likes it trebek"
16 yrs ago, 9 mos ago - Sunday 8/10/03 - 8:15:28 PM EST (GMT-5)
"ill take anal bum covers for 100" haha i love sean connery..
16 yrs ago, 9 mos ago - Monday 8/11/03 - 3:22:02 PM EST (GMT-5)
lol, James Earl Jones! I'll never be able to listen to Connery again without cringing, thanks to this thread.
16 yrs ago, 9 mos ago - Monday 8/11/03 - 3:52:35 PM EST (GMT-5)
James Earl Jones. David Letterman once did a top 10 list of words we'd like to hear James Earl Jones say, and the man himself came out on stage and said them. This isn't the same one, but it's still funny. (Third one down.) I think this is it.
16 yrs ago, 9 mos ago - Tuesday 8/12/03 - 6:48:52 AM EST (GMT-5)
James is better. I can't stand Sean Connery's voice nowadays, his accent is getting worse and worse as he ages. It just seems to be a put on, or something.
16 yrs ago, 7 mos ago - Tuesday 9/30/03 - 7:27:00 PM EST (GMT-5)
Sean Connery may be old, but he is the sexiest old guy I've ever seen. But James has a great voice too...depends on if you mean actual voice, or voice with accent.
16 yrs ago, 6 mos ago - Sunday 11/2/03 - 7:34:21 PM EST (GMT-5)
James Earl Jones has a cool voice.
16 yrs ago, 6 mos ago - Tuesday 11/18/03 - 12:43:06 PM EST (GMT-5)
James, he sounds like Barry White.
16 yrs ago, 5 mos ago - Tuesday 12/9/03 - 6:53:12 AM EST (GMT-5)
i gotta say that this is a really good question, cause they are really 2 of the only people you would think about as having a really good voice...oh yeah, and james wins
16 yrs ago, 4 mos ago - Friday 12/26/03 - 3:03:06 PM EST (GMT-5)
James Earl Jones has the coolest voice ever. I just like it when Darrel Hammond does Sean Connery's voice on SNL.
11 yrs ago, 1 mos ago - Wednesday 4/15/09 - 10:40:41 AM EST (GMT-5)
James Earl Jones

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