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Should the U.S. give nuclear weapons to South Korea?

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17 yrs ago, 3 mos ago - Thursday 2/27/03 - 6:25:07 PM EST (GMT-5)
yes, the more the merrier. i'm just anxious to see a few go off somewhere. while they're at it, they should send a few to china and iraq. really, i'd like to see them send a bunch to the south pole and detonate them. the polar icecaps would melt, causing an apocalyptic shift in global weight.
17 yrs ago, 2 mos ago - Monday 3/31/03 - 6:12:36 PM EST (GMT-5)
Should the U.S. give nuc's to anyone? Hell no. Why the heck do we have them? Is there really any need for them?
17 yrs ago, 1 mos ago - Thursday 4/17/03 - 5:26:58 PM EST (GMT-5)
Well, if we never had nukes, who knows where I'd be living, not here, that's for sure. Anyways, I don't think we should. We should try our best to keep the nuke supply limited, and in the hands of countries that know the danger of them.
17 yrs ago, 1 mos ago - Thursday 4/17/03 - 5:54:43 PM EST (GMT-5)
the fewer nukes in the world the better.
17 yrs ago, 1 mos ago - Thursday 4/17/03 - 5:57:21 PM EST (GMT-5)
as long as they only use them one at a time. I dont think any one should have them.
17 yrs ago, 1 mos ago - Thursday 4/17/03 - 6:01:45 PM EST (GMT-5)
if everyone would cut their nukes, we'd have the best possible solution. Until then, its necessary for democratic governments to have them as protection against totalitarianism.
16 yrs ago, 10 mos ago - Tuesday 7/22/03 - 7:44:11 AM EST (GMT-5)
We should not be useing them in the first place anyways. I know in class we are taught not to fight, but yet the government who prolly tells the states to tell us this wants to go to war for the money and the chance to put up McDonalds in countrys that can't afford medical attenshion and education let alone a Big Mac.
16 yrs ago, 10 mos ago - Tuesday 7/22/03 - 7:45:59 AM EST (GMT-5)
NO, but they should drop some on North Korea.
16 yrs ago, 10 mos ago - Tuesday 7/22/03 - 7:46:02 AM EST (GMT-5)
We should give them nukes...via Boeing.
16 yrs ago, 10 mos ago - Tuesday 7/22/03 - 8:39:51 AM EST (GMT-5)
It's really a sad situation we are all in. I feel kind of helpless. As time goes on, nuclear weapons will become cheaper to produce and easier to use, and more and more countries will have nuclear capabilities, and eventually it will happen. One big nuke will drop somewhere, and of course this might trigger a worldwide nuclear ammageddon. And there's nothing that can be done about it.
16 yrs ago, 10 mos ago - Friday 7/25/03 - 12:24:29 PM EST (GMT-5)
are you kidding

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