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What band is better? - ONe of the most interesting bands of the last deca... 12 jealousblues GamyLee 6 mos ago
Do you think the East Coast sniper is part of a larger terrorist plot? 7 okeydoke Musicbox 6 mos ago
Do you agree with Ann Coulter's belief on how to deal with Muslim countries? 220 biffa Inquizitor2 6 mos ago
For anyone who went to high school or is going to high school: Do/did you take it seriously? 25 womersley Inquizitor2 6 mos ago
Are you a bastard? - i dont know, am i?... 50 sizzlie6 DARFO 6 mos ago
Do you like to watch any form of p*rn? - Who doesn`t watch porn at least ... 12 missbhaven GAYBOI 6 mos ago
Is it ok for a white person to say the "N Word" if they are singing along to a rap song? 28 Cali_Brad sexwithmydad 7 mos ago
Parents: Would you buy your child condoms if he/she asked you to? - Yes. ... 48 HaroldtheBat sexwithmydad 7 mos ago
When you make a lowercase "t" do you give it a tail? - I starte... 19 thisone1 Spoonerism 7 mos ago
Do you prefer cooking your own food or eating out? - Eating out. I can`t ... 51 porpoise supersexman 8 mos ago
How do you feel about Drumph calling everything "Fake News"? - Inspired b... 25 womersley skyfish 9 mos ago
Cheez Whiz: Yes or No? - Weeeellllll.... ??? ... 20 Tazwert McKenzie123 9 mos ago
Is it worse to be on a date with someone who is boring or dumb? - Hmm...w... 36 KikiPeepers orangefanta 9 mos ago
Should Modbot be banned from YT for being under 13 years old? - His age i... 12 chips2001 CowDung 9 mos ago
Have/would you try the Twinkie Dog? - No, and it sounds disgusting. ... 14 YellowStar Mat 10 mos ago
Which dessert do you prefer: Cake or pie? - My favorite is cheesecake.. ... 22 starflame Wolf_Boi 10 mos ago
Is mailbot your best PM buddy? - Mailbot is practically the only one who ... 33 RaynDrop Wolf_Boi 10 mos ago
Do you drink alcohol? - Of course. In fact, I could go for a beer right... 39 HaroldtheBat Wolf_Boi 10 mos ago
Of the four ''Star'' franchises, is -gate your third favorite? - Trek, Wa... 12 Electric Wolf_Boi 10 mos ago
Are you a hooker or a slicer? - duh, i`m a pearl-er. ... 14 poorrusty Wolf_Boi 10 mos ago
Do you think it would be antidemocratic if California overturned the voters' decision to pass Prop 8, which made gay marriages illegal again? 102 Wanderer Wolf_Boi 10 mos ago
Would you rather... - I dont have a sense of smell but i hate crowds so i... 10 Daein Wolf_Boi 10 mos ago
Do you ever drive on autopilot? - Mentally of course. I think we a... 16 Electric Wolf_Boi 10 mos ago
Do you clean the bathroom on certain days, or just whenever it looks dirty? 21 randabanana Wolf_Boi 10 mos ago
Did Sherlock Holmes really exist? - no he didnt all the stories about him... 13 sportsgrl Wolf_Boi 10 mos ago

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