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When unwrapping presents, do you make sure that you do not rip the paper, or do you just tear it open? 18 timbo557 Puller 1 mo ago
Do you have an innie or an outie? - innie!! <3 ... 18 XOtwilightXO Puller 1 mo ago
Have you ever developed a crush or any kind of infatuation with someone you met online? 21 LadyMarbles Puller 1 mo ago
Have you ever been in a fist fight? - I was in fights in high 15 Sammy Puller 1 mo ago
Do you usually have ice in your drinks? - Ice just melts and waters down ... 13 Avery Puller 1 mo ago
How do you p*rnounce "data"? - Dah-tuh or dey-ta. It`s weirdly interchang... 25 spacepeanut CowDung 1 mo ago
Do you like rough-housing with your significant other? - I love it. I thi... 6 BlackBird77 Puller 1 mo ago
Do you match your emojis with your skin tone? - honestly it kinda makes m... 12 klebold Puller 1 mo ago
Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Democrat party? - No.... 28 catchall birdsong4j 2 mos ago
Will you come on YouThink on Christmas day? - I very much doubt it.... 193 sezzee womersley 2 mos ago
Have you ever made an ad on Facebook? - So someone at work made me a pie.... 6 Wolf_In_Jar Wolf_In_Jar 2 mos ago
Do you prefer Pringles with dip or without? - I prefer them without dip. ... 23 WigglesFT bookworm0812 2 mos ago
Are you glad 2001 is over? - Not really. I don`t care much... 36 elbereth Puller 2 mos ago
Do you have one best friend? - this question has probably been asked befo... 24 orangefanta Spoonerism 2 mos ago
Is it 2020? - No. ... 6 peledavid16 CowDung 2 mos ago
A funeral or a wedding : which have you been to, more recently ? - I wen... 46 travbowman LordGolden 2 mos ago
Why do you hate Trump? - Because he`s the pied piper. His song get... 11 snarf Matthias 2 mos ago
If today is Friday, does "next Saturday" mean tomorrow or a week from tomorrow? 9 postallbear chips2001 2 mos ago
Will you be coming onto YT on Christmas Day? - Most proabably not. ... 109 xnoonereally womersley 2 mos ago
Have you ever had a gun pointed at you? - So 64% have had one pointed at ... 17 marc780 Jormungand 3 mos ago
Is you is or is you ain't? - Tell me all about it! ... 11 womersley Boredofu 3 mos ago
Has some of the print worn off the "N" key on your keyboard? - It must be... 41 travbowman bgraham23 3 mos ago
Is gun ownership a human right? - It`s definitely not a `human` right. Ho... 25 Cali_Brad buddyloki 3 mos ago
Was your high school named after a person? - [link] ... 21 Abzurd Boredofu 3 mos ago
Do you have friends that interfere with your misanthropic lifestyle? - I ... 7 Sammy bookworm0812 3 mos ago

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