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Do you keep your front door locked even when you're at home? - My front d... 40 Brockgurl86 HardRocks 5 years ago
Have you ever had an electric shock from your computer? - Once or twice, ... 11 khaki Electric 5 years ago
Do you find yourself attracted to rocks every now and then? - yes i do... 23 munchkin1236 Electric 5 years ago
Do you have a hobby that is expensive? - Photography....The lenses and th... 45 angeleyesgr HardRocks 5 years ago
How do you prefer to clean up after cooking spills: with a dish towel or with a paper towel? 21 nwlyfree2003 HardRocks 5 years ago
Would you play/exercise at a playground for adults? - yes i`d enjoy it if... 21 marc780 Mat 5 years ago
Hamburgers or Cheeseburgers? - A hamburger without cheese is like a day w... 44 , jvzuuk FloatOn 5 years ago
Which white cheese do you prefer: Swiss or mozzarella? - Never had Swiss ... 32 What! FloatOn 5 years ago
Do you play Bananagrams? - no ... 11 fighttherain superkay37 5 years ago
If you play Sims 2, which expansion pack do you prefer: University, or Nightlife? 46 shel22 Electric 5 years ago
Are there any bird nests on your property? - Yeah I think there`s one rig... 20 KikiPeepers HardRocks 5 years ago
When you picture the term 'Woodstock', which comes to mind first: the little yellow bird from the Peanuts comic strip, or the concert in White Lake, NY that took place in August of 1969? 40 KikiPeepers HardRocks 5 years ago
If a cat chokes to death on a mouse - who killed who? - The Cat killed th... 39 Mjd01 HardRocks 5 years ago
When you type, do you put one space or two in between sentences? - I just... 28 Shredder249 Damsel 5 years ago
Do you think Wall-E was an accurate prediction on what the Human Race is coming to? 22 butterfly555 Guilty_Spark 5 years ago
Did you learn the "Kings Play Cards on Fat Green Stools" in school for classifying organisms? 27 Lua Kraken 5 years ago
If you had a name that was very hard to p*rnounce, would you give a restaurant a fake name if they asked for one so they could call you when your food is ready? 30 spookymuffin trainwrec 5 years ago
Have you ever had a kidney infection? - Yes, and it was hell. They gave m... 29 jackman_55 pepperdrinks 5 years ago
Are you born polygamous or is it a choice? - I would say choice. B... 11 BlackBird77 ladiesfirst9 5 years ago
Do you think job interviewers are more interested in your answers to their questions or your confidence level? 19 Xifihas ms_nikka 5 years ago
Corn on the cob or candy corn: which do you prefer ? - Candy Corn is pre... 25 CatoFan1 area51dude 5 years ago
Tommy Lee Jones or Aaron Eckhart : who made the better Two-Face ? - Eckh... 5 Tartarus88 area51dude 5 years ago
Are you, or have you ever been, a member of The Boy Scouts of America? 20 sander wilde. 5 years ago
Is it true that Christmas is not really over until you can't vacuum up any more Christmas tree needles from your carpet? 10 palaguin Mispelled 5 years ago
Would you rather have your favorite sports team always threaten to contend but come up short or to be consistently so bad you know you never stand a chance? 1 1dchouseman 1dchouseman 5 years ago

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